Natural Environment,
production activity in harmony with nature

As part of our company philosophy and our commitment to the future sustainability of our society we collaborate with the care and preservation of our natural environment. From that perspective we monitor the use of available water resources, and at the same time we avoid the use of equipment and materials whose residues may alter or affect our environment.

In this aspect it is very important for us to observe and prevent outbreaks of contamination that could harm the soil and water, something that could also affect on the growing process, the fields and the people who work in them. Our quality management system is bonded to the conservation of our natural environment. We do not understand productivity without harmony and respect for the natural resources around us.

  • Our natural environment

    It is our responsability to develop our activity in harmony with our natural environment.

  • Natural Resources

    It is essential to us the responsible use of natural resources, water and soil.

  • Pollution prevention

    Our growing system is focused on eliminating any risks of polluting our natural environment.