Frutas El Pinar produces a group of Berries available throughout the year. It is our intention to provide healthy and delicious fruits along a production schedule.

We collect the fruit by hand, with care and following strict quality standards. This process is done when the fruit reaches optimum maturity or ripeness. We handle each piece of fruit in a way that it is not mistreated or damaged. We put them directly in the field into packages that reach thousands of homes. This offers and guarantees exceptional fresh fruit characteristics.

  • Strawberries, red, glossy and delicious

    Mainly available from the beginning of January until the middle of June.

  • Raspberries, simply delicious

    We count with them all year round, but availability decreases during the summer.

  • Blueberries, small but very nutritious

    Sweet, firm and blue coloured, they are available between March and June.