• We are...

    A family company devoted to the production of Berries, based in Andalusia.

  • Growing fruits

    Our production history begins in Huelva, in the year 1996.

  • Strawberry and Raspberry

    We are specilized in certain Berries such as strawberries and raspberries.


Frutas El Pinar,
Since 1996

Frutas El Pinar was born thanks to four farmers who decided to join in 1996 to undertake a business venture in the field of production and marketing of horticultural products. Later on, they were joined by their brothers and cousins, who helped to become a reference family business within Huelva.

In the beginning, we started with the old orchard products, growing everything that could grow, reaching subsequently strawberry and raspberry. Frutas El Pinar is one of the first companies in Huelva to grow Berries.

Currently, our company has more than 120 hectares in production, exporting 80% of it to foreign markets, such as France, Portugal, England, Switzerland and Germany.