the growing process

Growing Berries is an intense process, that requires attention and care. It is important to note every detail, from its installation in tunnels, through technified irrigation and fertilization system. It is essential to optimize the use of water and to apply natural products that promote nutrition and health of plants. Biological pest control is also an important task when fruit must be obtained healthy and in perfect condition for consumption.

When the Berries reach the optimum ripeness or maturity to carry out the picking process. Manually, one by one, we collect each fruit, being careful not to mistreat or damage them. We put them directly in the field into different packing options. This way we manipulate as little as possible each piece of fruit, which after passing quality controls is cooled and prepared for transport.

The entire process is recorded and monitored under a traceability system. All procedures and agricultural practices are carried out under GlobalGAP standards. Both, in the field and in the warehouse, handling is done under strict quality standards to ensure the supply of products of excellent characteristics.

  • Different varieties...

    We count with different varieties, each one with their own characteristics.

  • Picking Berries, a very important task

    When the moment arrives, the picking process takes place, carefully and by hand we pick each piece of fruit.

  • Growing technology

    Under plastic tunnels and using modern irrigation technology we obtain the best production results.